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 Next Thursday Dweezil is coming to Buffalo for a FREE FLIPPIN ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA CONCERT! 


Excited doesn't even BEGIN to cover it!
 Here is proof that I've been working on them!

(If you don't see your's, dont worry! This is just the first batch of sketches! Also, I'm hopefully gonna get them colored soon :3 )

Badges and Backgrounds.

Just an update here for anyone getting a $2 badge from me; Sorry I've been taking a while! I've been working my other job at Darien Lake and we just started opening up every day this week so I have been suuuuuuuuupah busy! I'm going to try to get some more done tonight (if this headache goes away that is).

In other news, here is my new desktop background I made... all you other Zappa junkies better enjoy it... 


That's right folks, don't touch that dial!


Ok, so these are colored pencil examples. I am however going to offer for one time only this style badge for $2 dollars each. However, if you are interested in colored pencil badges, I can do those too for an extra $1 for shipping. 

I know some people don't really care what your reasoning behind these things are, so I'm just going to say its for a nobel cause ;)
Just look at this photo and Jack-O and Jilly-Billy will tell you that they are cute and you must buy one.

If you are interested, leave a comment with your character info
and send your monies via PayPal to Camarillo.Drago@gmail.com

Thank you to everyone who participates!
I love youz :D

EDT: I forgot to mention, if you want to check out my other art, just click here!

Something out of a Scary Stories book.

So I just had the most f*cked up dream...
It started off in front of my grandmother's house (which for some reason most of my dreams take place).  I was apparently still a teenager and I was sitting with a friend of mine in some sort of old car outside in the yard. I don't remember what we were talking about, but I noticed that there was something moving around in the garage. I decided to check it out and left my friend in the car.

When I opened the door to the garage I saw a girl who was kind of deformed. She was kind of short, had really stringy hair, and didn't have an arm on her right side, only a hand attached to her shoulder. For some reason I wasn't surprised and I asked her what she was doing in my grandmother's garage. She told me that she was looking for her sister who's been missing for a while. She didn't seem too upset and she was friendly so I told her I'd help.

I looked around and handed her a flashlight. I told her flashlights are always a good thing to cary when you are trying to find something and she was very happy to have it. As I was looking around for supplies to give her I asked why she had not called the police. She replied "Well, where I come from we don't have phones. They are pricey and nobody really pays attention to them." I kind of nodded my head and put a bunch of other nic-nacs into a bag and gave it to her. I told her it was a search pack and it should come in handy. I guess at that point I thought she might need some food or something for her journey so we went outside so that we could walk to the house.

My friend kind of stared at us and said she was going to get going. So it was just me and this strange woman going into my grandmother's house. For some reason, all of my aunts were standing around the kitchen talking. We walked in and I went to the fridge and got some food to add to her "search pack". My oldest aunt asked what I was doing. I introduced her to the girl and told her that she was looking for her sister who has been missing for a while and I told her that I'd make her a search pack for her journey. The group kind of looked at me and I asked them if they knew the where'abouse of her sister. I heard one of my more sarcastic aunts whisper to herself "She's probably dead." Thats when my other aunt snapped at her. I remember all of them looked pretty concerned and I just decided to not get involved and walked the girl to my little room in the house.

I apologized for my aunts behavior and she said it was ok and that she was used to it. I too her upstairs and walked her into my room. She thanked me and said she was very lucky to have met me and, for some weird reason, I knew that if I were to walk out of the room, she would be gone. So I walked out for a minute, came back in, and she was in fact gone. "Search Bag" and everything. So I decided to lay down and take a nap in my bed. 

It was then that I saw everything from a third person perspective.

My aunt and my mother came into the room and stared at me sleeping. My mom looked really upset and said she felt so bad for me after "all the chaos thats happened." My aunt turned to her and comforted her. She then told her "I know. Its been hard for everyone here. I couldn't imagine what I would do if I lost a sister. Poor thing. Its probably time for her medicine. I'll call the doctor tomorrow...."

Then I woke up. And now I'm like wtf.....*shudders*

Hurray for Stealing!

 For some reason, the internet at our house is shyat. Nothing will even load anymore and if it will, I have to wait 10 minutes. Literally. SO! I'm stuck stealing wireless from the crazy neighbors (who leave all of their computers wide open to people btw *evil grin*).

Also, I don't know if I want to yet, but I might be taking up some more commish'es pretty soon because I have discovered that my life is not complete without one of these:

I'm just really sick of my old ass one (that you can't do ANYTHING on). So I want everyone to keep a look out for commissions from me pretty soon ;D
 Not only did I quit my job, but I just read the greatest thing in my entire life tonight....




I finally told my supervisor and my boss to kiss my ass. 

I'm absolutely STOLKED!


Wowie Zowie! O.O

 So I just took a look at my schedule to see how busy I'm going to be this summer... 
  • Working Undercover at Darien Lake (best job ever btw)
  • Working the Bookstore/Coffee Shop (worst job ever btw)
  • Working with the Arts Council Gallery Committee (hurray! I'm a member finally!)
  • Hosting and organizing the monthly Art Card Group down town (still need to finish some cards)
  • Going back to College (five classes, all art related)
  • Doing Commissions
  • Participating in the Perry Chalk Art Festival for the 3rd year in a row (w00t!)
  • Volunteering down town
  • Grand Jury (hi-larious)

....Holy crap! Most of this stuff is just this month alone! WTF?! O.o